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Sarahjane Prince
Cert.Ed. MASM. MAoR

East Sussex Massage operates from within the clinic rooms of East Sussex Osteopaths. We are based in the beautiful countryside between Heathfield and Battle. Our therapists are qualified to a high standard and have achieved MASM. MoR. Cert.Ed.

Registered Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

Our therapists are experienced, registered, highly qualified massage therapists and reflexologists. Sarahjane was a 2013 finalist in World Skills Competition reflexology division, They are full members of The Association of Sports Massage MASM and the Association of Reflexology MoR. as well as being fully qualified teachers, Cert.Ed.

We offer a wide range of massage techniques and reflexology treatments, have a broad knowledge of health issues and work alongside osteopaths which we believe is vital in delivering a safe, knowledgeable massage. We also offer treatments for pre pregnancy and pregnant ladies.

All treatments can have aromatherapy oils added to the products used, after discussion with your therapist.