Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift (the ‘Ziggy Bergman’ method) naturally lifts your face, mind and spirit, leaving you glowing at any age.

Zone Face Lift is the amazing new treatment that has generated incredible press coverage.
Sarah Vine, a leading beauty journalist, has described it as ‘a contender for London’s best facial treatment’. Hip and Healthy called it ‘an all-natural alternative to Botox with internal benefits to boot’.

Zone Face Lift had been developed from a combination of traditional reflexology methods applied to the face and ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans. For many women and men this treatment eliminates the need for Botox, dermal fillers and invasive surgery.

About Zone Face Lift

This bespoke, revolutionary new 5 part treatment, combines innovative massage techniques with the advantages from reflexology pressure points. This not only benefits the targeted treatment areas but also treats your body from the inside out, by deep relaxation.

Firstly your face and neck will be deeply cleansed and nourished by high quality organic facial products with hot towels. This is deeply relaxing, calming and uplifting. Products containing aromatherapy oils are then massaged into your skin using innovative massage strokes, facial reflexology and pressure points. This is performed by the therapist’s hands, jade crystal rollers and small clear and rose quartz crystal balls. This lifts and plumps your skin, firming your neck and facial muscles, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. By using organic essential oils, jade rollers and quartz crystal balls, this adds to the effectiveness of each treatment.

When you pay for your 12 week treatment package in advance, you will receive a free jade crystal beauty tool along with instructions and diagrams on how to use it, so you can add this into your daily beauty regime at home.

Each treatment is bespoke, making every treatment individual. Where appropriate, facial cupping can be included.


Does Zone Face Lift involve injections?

Zone face lift does not inject toxic or potentially harmful substances into your face. It uses facial reflexology, pressure points, crystal tools and innovative face lifting massage techniques, deep cleansing, hot facial towels and essential oils. All products used are organic, including but not limited to, Neal’s Yard Organics and Faith in Nature. Our experienced therapist is qualified in aromatherapy, so has a deep understanding of essential oils and their properties so can develop bespoke products to suit your individual needs.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend weekly treatments for 12 weeks to notice a consistent change. Most patients notice an improvement in skin hydration, texture and facial expression after the first treatment. By treatment 6 facial lines are usually softened and facial contours improved due to improved muscle tone. By treatment 12 many patients feel their face looks and feels years younger and are experiencing a feeling of wellbeing. After the first 12 week course, a single treatment every 4 weeks is recommended. This helps to maintain and continue the improvement in line reduction and muscle tone. As your face and spirits change so will your treatments to support your progression.

Press coverage supporting Zone Face Lift

Below is a list of press coverage links, supporting the advantageous effects of Zone Face Lift.

“I could see the effect immediately… the cumulative result is face- and life- enhancing”
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“My clients don’t want a facelift, they just don’t want to age badly meaning looking angry when they are not or sagging in the wrong places”
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“Unlike any other facial I have ever tried… I could immediately see and feel the benefits.”
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“Facial Reflexologist to the stars… ‘Do I look better, Yes! Yes!”
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“The Secret to Youth… her program takes off 10 years in 12 weeks.”
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“Zone Face Lift …offers facelift results without surgical intervention”
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“An all natural alternative to botox with internal benefits to boot”
See the full article, Zsa Zsa Vella, Hip & Healthy

“A contender for London’s best facial treatment.”
Sarah Vine, Get The Gloss

“Fresh not frozen”
See the full article, Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph