Hopi Ear Candling

Previously know as Hopi Ear Candles now more correctly known as Thermal Auricular Therapy.

History of Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ancient natural therapy whose origins have been lost in the mists of time. The Ancient Greeks, Latin Americans and people on the Mediterranean coast, have evidence of a history of ear candling. However, the Hopi Indians from North Arizona are the most famous known culture for using ear candles. A colour mural inside the “Hopi Tower” at North Rim, in the Grand Canyon shows Ear Candles being used. Hence, the best know title for this therapy.

Candles we use today

Ear candles are still produced today based on the traditional formula from the Hopi Indians. They use only natural ingredients, such as organically grown flax impregnated with 100% pure bees wax. Ear Candles can also have essential oils or herbs added to them.

What Ear Candling can do for you

This is a very relaxing natural, non invasive and safe therapy that may help relieve stress.
It is believed to help with ear wax, congested sinuses, rhinitis, glue ear, headaches, migraines, tinnitus, vertigo and help to stimulate the lymphatic system.

How Ear Candling works

It is believed that Ear Candles work on a chimney principle creating a mild suction, drawing impurities to the surface where they may be gently removed into the candle chimney. Inside the ear, the candle creates a gentle vibration, caused by the rising air column. This gently massages the ear helping to regulate the inner ear pressure, thus helping to clear the sinuses. During the burning process the very gentle warmth created stimulates the peripheral blood circulation thus stimulating the lymphatic system and reflex points as well as soothing irritation. Ear candling is widely used in Europe and America instead of conventional treatments such as antibiotics and ear syringing.

What to expect during treatment

On arrival a case history will be taken. There is no need to remove any clothing. You will be asked to lay on your side on a comfortable treatment table, covered with a blanket, supported by pillows and your hair will be covered with a towel. The treatment involves treating both ears. A shield is always used to protect your skin and hair. During the burning of the vertical ear candle a gentle massage is applied to the lymph areas behind the ear and to the neck, helping with drainage. After the second candle has finished burning, you will receive a gentle face, neck, shoulder and head massage. If you wish essential oils such as lavender, mandarine, rose or eucalyptus may be added to the best quality organic oils used for massage.

Ear candling is not a substitute for conventional medical care and treatment. It is a complimentary therapy that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It is not considered a cure for medical conditions. However regular treatments could help to promote wellness.